Finout lands cash to grow its cloud spend management platform

In 2021, Roi Ravhon, Asaf Liveanu and Yizhar Gilboa came together to found Finout, an enterprise-focused toolset to help manage and optimize cloud costs. (We covered the company’s launch out of stealth in 2022.) Ravhon, Finout’s CEO and previously the director of engineering at observability platform, says that he was spurred to start Finout […]

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Matt Garman taking over as CEO with AWS at crossroads

It’s tough to say that a $100 billion business finds itself at a critical juncture, but that’s the case with Amazon Web Services, the cloud arm of Amazon, and the clear market leader in the cloud infrastructure market. On Tuesday, the company announced that CEO Adam Selipsky was stepping down to spend more time with […]

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Alkira connects with $100M for a solution that connects your clouds

As cloud adoption continues to surge towards the $1 trillion mark in annual spend, we’re seeing a wave of enterprise startups gaining traction with customers and investors for tools to help manage that usage. In the latest development, a startup called Alkira has raised $100 million for “network infrastructure as a service”, which lets users […]

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Alternative clouds are booming as companies seek cheaper access to GPUs

The appetite for alternative clouds has never been bigger. Case in point: CoreWeave, the GPU infrastructure provider that began life as a cryptocurrency mining operation, this week raised $1.1 billion in new funding from investors including Coatue, Fidelity and Altimeter Capital. The round brings its valuation to $19 billion post-money, and its total raised to […]

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Ubicloud wants to build an open source alternative to AWS

Using the large cloud computing providers is convenient, but not exactly cheap. Ubicloud, a new startup founded by the team behind Citus Data, which Microsoft acquired in 2019, wants to change the dynamics by offering a layer of core cloud computing services on top of affordable bare-metal servers from providers like Hetzner, OVH Cloud, Leaseweb […]

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A government watchdog hacked a US federal agency to stress-test its cloud security

A U.S. government watchdog stole more than one gigabyte of seemingly sensitive personal data from the cloud systems of the U.S. Department of the Interior. The good news: The data was fake and part of a series of tests to check whether the Department’s cloud infrastructure was secure. The experiment is detailed in a new […]

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Exostellar raises $15M to help companies optimize their cloud spend

Public cloud services spending is projected to reach $1.1 trillion by 2026, up from $531.7 billion this year, according to IDC. But as the use of cloud services expands, organizations are having a tougher time keeping track of exactly how much they’re spending on compute. Statista reports that around 82% of companies find managing cloud […]

Danish cloud host says customers ‘lost all data’ after ransomware attack

Cloud host CloudNordic says most of its customers have “lost all data with us” following a ransomware attack on its datacenter systems, including its backups.

The Denmark-based cloud company said the ransomware attack began Friday, during which cybercriminals “shut down all systems,” including its website and email, and encrypting customer systems and websites.

In a notice on its website translated from Danish, CloudNordic said: “The attackers succeeded in encrypting all servers’ disks, as well as on the primary and secondary backup system, whereby all machines crashed and we lost access to all data.”

CloudNordic said that while customer data was scrambled in the attack, there was no evidence that customer data was copied out or exfiltrated from its systems, as is a common tactic for ransomware and extortion groups. The company said that in any case it did not have money to pay the hackers’ unspecified ransom demand, nor would it pay.

The cloud host said that it believes the hackers had access to the company’s administrative systems “from which they could encrypt entire disks.”

“Unfortunately, it has proved impossible to restore more data, and the majority of our customers have thus lost all data with us,” the translated statement on its website reads.

It’s not clear how the ransomware attack began, but the company said that the attack happened — or was at least exacerbated — by moving infected systems from one datacenter to another datacenter that was “unfortunately wired to access our internal network that is used to manage all of our servers.” CloudNordic said that it “had no knowledge that there was an infection.”

“Via the internal network, the attackers gained access to central administration systems and the backup systems.”

At the time of writing, no ransomware group has appeared to publicly acknowledge or take credit for the cyberattack.

Customers with Azero are also affected, according to an identical notice on its website. CloudNordic and Azero are owned by Denmark-registered Certiqa Holding, which also owns Netquest, a provider of threat intelligence for telcos and governments.

Both CloudNordic and Azero said that they were working to rebuild customers’ web and email systems from scratch, albeit without their data.

CloudNordic could not be reached for comment. Its website notice said that the company had difficulty in communicating. An email with questions about the incident bounced back with an error message saying the message could not be delivered.

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