Arc browser’s new AI-powered features combine OpenAI and Anthropic’s models

The Arc browser is ‘finally’ launching its AI-powered features under the ‘Arc Max’ moniker. The Browser Company is using a combination of OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 and Anthropic’s models to build lightweight but useful features. Just like other AI-powered assistants present in rival browsers, you can converse with ChatGPT or ask questions in the context of the […]

Visa earmarks $100M to invest in generative AI companies

Visa announced today that it plans to invest $100 million in companies developing generative AI technologies and applications “that will impact the future of commerce and payments.” The investments will be made through Visa Ventures, the card giant’s 16-year-old global corporate investment arm.  Visa claims to have been a “pioneer of AI use in payments” […]

Spotify spotted developing AI-generated playlists created with prompts

Following the successful launch of Spotify’s AI-powered DJ feature and, more recently, added support for AI-translated podcasts, Spotify now appears to be developing another means of using AI in its app: AI-powered playlists. References discovered in the app’s code indicate the company may be developing generative AI playlists users could create using prompts. The new […]

The writers strike is over; here’s how AI negotiations shook out

After almost five months, the Writers Guild of America (WGA) has reached an agreement with Hollywood studios to end the writers strike. Starting Wednesday, writers will be able to resume work under the conditions established by their new contract. During the historic strike, AI emerged as a key point of contention between the writers and […]

TikTok debuts new tools and technology to label AI content

As more creators turn to AI for their artistic expression, there’s also a broader push for transparency around when AI was involved in content creation. To address this concern, TikTok announced today it will launch a new tool that will allow creators to label their AI-generated content and will begin testing other ways to label […]