Spyware leak offers ‘first-of-its-kind’ look inside Chinese government hacking efforts

Over the weekend, someone posted a cache of files and documents apparently stolen from the Chinese government hacking contractor, I-Soon. This leak gives cybersecurity researchers and rival governments an unprecedented chance to look behind the curtain of Chinese government hacking operations facilitated by private contractors. Like the hack-and-leak operation that targeted the Italian spyware maker […]

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Backed by Chinese carmaker Great Wall, Haomo raises $14M for autonomous driving tech

After a few years of funding frenzy, autonomous driving companies in China are experiencing a slowdown in investment. Some companies are still hauling in capital, though the era of bankrolling several hundred million dollars in a single round has mostly passed. Haomo.ai, an autonomous driving startup backed by Chinese automaker Great Wall Motor, has raised […]

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China-backed Volt Typhoon hackers have lurked inside US critical infrastructure for ‘at least five years’

China-backed hackers have maintained access to American critical infrastructure for “at least five years” with the long-term goal of launching “destructive” cyberattacks, a coalition of U.S. intelligence agencies warned on Wednesday. Volt Typhoon, a state-sponsored group of hackers based in China, has been burrowing into the networks of aviation, rail, mass transit, highway, maritime, pipeline, […]

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Waymo-Zeekr robotaxi poised for US testing by end of 2023

Nearly two years after Waymo and Geely struck a deal to develop robotaxis for the U.S. market, we are seeing concrete progress in the collaboration. According to a job post posted on LinkedIn, Zeekr, the young electric car brand started by Chinese auto giant Geely, is hiring a logistics manager in the U.S. A spokesperson for […]

Telegram starts to look like a super app, echoing WeChat

Telegram, the popular messenger with 800 million monthly active users worldwide, is inching closer to adopting an ecosystem strategy that is reminiscent of WeChat’s super app approach. Certain aspects of the ecosystem will be decentralized with help from two heavyweights: Telegram’s crypto partner TON Foundation and WeChat’s owner Tencent. Telegram has been working on a […]

GGV splits off China business following congressional panel probe

GGV, the 23-year-old U.S. venture capital firm with a storied track record in China, is splitting into two branches as escalating geopolitical tensions continue to push for decoupling between the world’s two superpowers. In an announcement released Thursday morning, GGV, known for its bets on ByteDance, Xiaomi and Alibaba, said it will become two independent […]

US finds no evidence Huawei can mass produce advanced phone chips

The ability of Huawei — and China at large — to manufacture advanced chips amid U.S. sanctions has again come into question as conflicting claims arise. The U.S. finds no evidence that the Chinese smartphone and telecom giant Huawei can produce smartphones with advanced semiconductors at scale, U.S. Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo said on Tuesday. […]

Microsoft reveals how hackers stole its email signing key… kind of

A series of unfortunate and cascading mistakes allowed a China-backed hacking group to steal one of the keys to Microsoft’s email kingdom that granted near unfettered access to U.S. government inboxes. Microsoft explained in a long-awaited blog post this week how the hackers pulled off the heist. But while one mystery was solved, several important […]