Pivoting from offline into virtual events for enterprises nets Tame a $5.5M Seed round

In March 2020, Tame had a digital event suite for offline corporate events. But with the pandemic hitting, it did a hard pivot into providing a highly customizable virtual events platform, primarily used by companies for their sales events. The result is that it has now raised a seed round of $5.5m, a large round for its native Denmark, led by VF Venture (The Danish Growth Fund), along with byFounders and and three leading angels: Mikkel Lomholt (CTO & Co-founder, Planday); Sune Alstrup (Ex-CEO & Co-founder, The Eye Tribe); and Ulrik Lehrskov Schmidt.

The investment will be used to scale from 20 to 60 new employees across Copenhagen, London, and Krakow; expand to the UK, and grow revenues.

Founder Jasenko Hadzic, CEO and Co-founder said the pivot to virtual grew revenues “by 700% organically last year. No sales. No marketing. Organically. Therefore, Tame sees a huge opportunity and is going all-in on expanding aggressively to position itself as a market leader.”

Jacob Bratting Pedersen, Partner, VF Venture, said: “At VF Venture, we want to help develop and drive innovation. The corona crisis has brought digital momentum with it, and here Danish IT entrepreneurs have the opportunity to seize that agenda and bring Danish technology and expertise to the global market. Tame is a really good example of that. Tame has great potential to create a strong, global business for the benefit of growth and jobs in Denmark.”

Hadzic himself is already a success story – he eventually made it into the tech industry after arriving in Denmark as a child refugee from war-torn Bosnia during the Yugoslavian civil war.

But don’t mistake Tame for a Hopin. Hadzic told me: “We’re not interested in getting TechCrunch Disrupt as a customer or, or the big trade fairs. We just want to focus on those enterprise companies which we sell to a marketing department or an HR department.”