Announcing The Modern Guide to Live Chat for Marketing

Live chat is the ultimate way for modern marketers to personalize their message and engage new users, and we’re publishing The Modern Guide to Live Chat for Marketing to help them do just that.

“Marketing” is an ambiguous term in this day and age.

For some, it’s about mass emailing press releases. To others, it’s about writing blog posts or running events. On their own, these can be powerful tactics, but marketing today is about more than trying to determine a single playbook for success. As you’ll know by now, there are far more inconsistencies than consistencies in marketing, but one thing remains true of all marketing teams – we generate revenue by attracting and converting customers.

So how do you succeed in marketing in 2019? You engage with your leads and customers where they already are. Recent studies have shown that over 50% of buyers are more likely to buy from a business they can message. That’s why so many marketers are turning to live chat.

The Modern Guide to Live Chat for Marketing will walk you through the fundamentals of where live chat sits in the marketing funnel, why live chat isn’t just for support and our best practices for implementation and automation.

We also look at how enterprise software company OutSystems grew engagement by 50% in just three weeks through using live chat and custom bots.

The days of marketers passively collecting information are gone. Today, it’s about proactively engaging with your future customers in real time.

Head on over to the guide to learn how you can grow your business using live chat.

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