TC Tel Aviv begins tomorrow; buy your ticket today

This goes out to all the die-hard procrastinators. We’re just 24 hours away from TC Tel Aviv 2018, our inaugural day-long conference focused on mobility tech. The Israeli startup scene stands at the forefront of this rapidly changing frontier, and we’ve gathered some of Israel’s greatest thinkers, makers and investors to share their insight and expertise. You don’t want to miss this unique opportunity. Stop what you’re doing and buy your general admission ticket right now.

Where do your mobility interests lie? If you’re into the future of transportation, don’t miss your chance to hear Uri Levine and Dave Waiser. Maybe you’re all eyes and ears about how cars “see” and “hear.” In that case, be sure to catch the conversation with Omer David Keilaf and Rani Wellingstein. If security issues haunt your waking hours, tune in to be prepared as Yoav Levy and Ami Dotan discuss the future of cybersecurity threats.

That’s just a taste of the content we’ve packed into one stellar day. TC Tel Aviv presents a wide-ranging look at where mobility tech stands now — and where it’s going. Still curious? Check out the full conference agenda.

As if that weren’t enough to keep you busy, be sure to go to Startup Alley (making its Israeli debut), where you’ll find almost 100 early-stage startups. Companies in the Alley go beyond mobility to showcase products, services and platforms from a wide range of tech verticals, including AR/VR, robotics, fintech, biotech, artificial intelligence, blockchain and more. Check out the list of Startup Alley exhibitors.

Procrastinators, the 24-hour clock is running. TechCrunch Tel Aviv takes place June 7, 2018 at the Tel Aviv Convention Center, Pavilion 10. Don’t miss your chance to experience everything TC Tel Aviv has to offer. Go buy your ticket now.

Three days left to save on tickets to TechCrunch Tel Aviv

In case you haven’t heard yet, TechCrunch is ready to descend on Tel Aviv for a one-day conference focused exclusively on mobility — and all that it entails. Tel Aviv’s startup community is red hot and fast-growing, which makes sense considering Israeli tech stands at the forefront of mobility. TechCrunch Tel Aviv takes place on June 7, 2018, and you have only three days left before the early-bird ticket price — 265 ILS — disappears. Buy your tickets right here, right now.

Mobility’s on the cusp of a revolution. Think about it: autonomous vehicles, sensors, drones and security. Flying cars, anyone? It’s all up for discussion with an amazing roster of speakers. Here are but a few of the mobility experts and topics you’ll hear at TechCrunch Tel Aviv.

Sit down for a fireside chat with Austin Russell, inventor, applied physicist and founder and CEO of Luminar Technologies. His vision to develop a new type of LiDAR (a detection system that uses light from a laser) may finally make autonomous vehicles both safe and universal.

If you’re wondering how giant car manufacturers can stay relevant in the age of autonomous cars, well you’re not the only one. That’s why we can’t wait to hear General Motor’s Ariella Grinberg share her perspective from the main stage. The innovation manager for GM’s Advanced Technical Center in Israel, Grinberg will discuss her team’s work and GM’s overall strategy for competing with small but nimble startups.

You don’t want to miss Liad Itzhak, the head of mobility at Here Technologies, talk about using mapping data to develop self-driving technologies and services. The man knows just a thing or two about the subject from the time he spent at Waze and Google.

Cyber security plays a vital role in all things mobile. Come join Ofer Ben Noon — co-founder and CEO of Argus Cyber Security — for a fireside chat detailing the security risks associated with the cars of the future.

Don’t miss out on the chance to explore Startup Alley. Our exhibition floor will be packed with more than 200 early-stage startups that cross the tech spectrum. Discover products, platforms and services in cybersecurity, AR/VR, mobility, robotics, fintech, biotech, artificial intelligence, blockchain and more.

TechCrunch Tel Aviv takes place on June 7, 2018 at the Tel Aviv Convention Center, Pavilion 10. Now’s the time to get the best price on tickets. We can’t wait to see you there!

Early-bird pricing for TC Tel Aviv ends in two weeks

The first-ever TechCrunch conference in Tel Aviv is just slightly more than a month away, and we couldn’t be more excited to bring this day-long intensive event focused on mobility to one of the fastest growing startup ecosystems in the world. TechCrunch Tel Aviv takes place on June 7, 2018, and you have exactly two weeks left to get the best early-bird ticket price — just 265 ILS — so buy your tickets today.

Our excitement is totally justified. Why? Israeli technology’s leading the charge on all things mobility, including autonomous vehicles, sensors, drones, security and so much more. The topics — and the industry leaders who will grace the TechCrunch stage — represent a deep and wide-ranging look at where mobility tech stands now and where it’s going.

We’re still adding great speakers to our agenda, but here’s a taste of the topics and subject experts you can expect to find at TC Tel Aviv.

Discussing the future of transportation: We have Uri Levine, serial entrepreneur and co-founder of Waze, the world’s largest traffic and navigation app with more than 250 million drivers around the globe, and Dave Waiser founder of Gett, a global on-demand transportation and delivery company.

Are commercial drones here to stay? Weighing in on this hot topic we have Yariv Bash, CEO and co-founder of Flytrex, maker of the world’s first commercial drone delivery service, and Ran Krauss, CEO and co-founder of Airobotics, maker of a first-of-its-kind pilotless drone solution.

Interested in investing in Israeli tech? Then you won’t want to miss the conversation with Mike Granoff, founder and managing director of Maniv Mobility, a venture capital fund; Chemi Peres, co-founder and managing general partner of Pitango Venture Capital, Israel’s largest VC group; and Yahal Zilka, co-founder and managing partner of Magma Venture Partners, a leading VC fund in Israel.

And while mobility is the main conference focus, we won’t neglect other technologies. Head to the Startup Alley exhibition floor to explore, connect and network with more than 200 early-stage startups. They’ll feature their latest tech products, platforms and services in cybersecurity, AR/VR, mobility, robotics, fintech, biotech, artificial intelligence, blockchain and more.

And while you’re getting ready to buy that early-bird ticket, why not exhibit your startup at TC Tel Aviv? An exhibitor pass costs 1,700 ILS and includes two tickets and a demo table.

TechCrunch Tel Aviv takes place on June 7, 2018 at the Tel Aviv Convention Center, Pavilion 10. It promises to be an exciting exploration of Israeli tech pushing the boundaries of mobility. Early-bird pricing flies away in two weeks. Buy your tickets today.

Ariella Grinberg from General Motors joins un in Tel Aviv

This year’s TechCrunch event in Tel Aviv is all about mobility and everything around it, from autonomous vehicles, to sensors, drones and security. And that’s including traditional car manufacturers in our agenda was important. I’m happy to announce that Ariella Grinberg from General Motors is going to join us at our event.

Ariella Grinberg in Innovation Manager for GM’s Advanced Technical Center in Israel. She’s the proof that car manufacturers have to work with talented Israeli teams when it comes to smart mobility.

General Motors has been working hard on autonomous vehicles, electric and connected cars, as well as cybersecurity issues. This radical shift is arguably GM’s biggest challenge to date. Newcomers and small startups have the potential to disrupt the car industry and generate more value than established companies like GM.

It’s going to be interesting to hear Ariella Grinberg detail her work at GM and the company’s overall strategy to stay relevant. Her team is working on some of GM’s most interesting projects that are going to shape the future of the company.

You can come and listen to Ariella Grinberg on June 7 at the TechCrunch Tel Aviv conference.

Buy tickets here and see you at the Tel Aviv Convention Center!

Sign up for Startup Alley in Tel Aviv

Hey startups! TechCrunch Tel Aviv 2018 is just about 6 weeks away, and we’re coming back to the Mediterranean for our inaugural day-long conference at the Tel Aviv Convention Center on 7 June. The agenda is now released and this year’s event will be bigger and better than ever. The conference is focused on mobility, and we’ll also have an expanded expo area called Startup Alley, where hundreds of rock-star startups from ALL verticals demo their products to attendees.

Why should you join Startup Alley? TechCrunch events are the ideal place to show off your company to prospective customers, gain media attention, meet investors and take your startup to the next level. If you’re a pre-Series A early-stage startup, we want to see you on our showcase floor.

For 1,700 ILS, you’ll get one full day to exhibit, two tickets to TechCrunch Tel Aviv 2018, a demo table, Wi-Fi, power, linens and a branded table-top sign. Ready to join us? You can secure your exhibit spot here.

Buy yours before we run out — space is limited; feel free to email if you have any questions. The TechCrunch Team can’t wait to make our way to Israel and meet you in June!

Shuly Galili and Yahal Zilka join us in Tel Aviv

In a bit more than two months, the TechCrunch team is heading to Tel Aviv for a day-long event. And I’m excited to announce a couple of new speakers — Shuly Galili from UpWest Labs and Yahal Zilka from Magma Venture Partners.

While both Galili and Zilka are investors, they have two different stories to tell. Galili is based in Silicon Valley and is looking for the most promising seed-stage startups coming from Israel.

She’s been helping entrepreneurs bridge the gap between Silicon Valley and Israel. She has a ton of insights on both ecosystems. As a founding partner for UpWest Labs, she’s already participated in dozens of funding rounds with her tiny team. UpWest Labs is an investor in Airobotics, HoneyBook, SentinelOne and many other startups.

As for Zilka, he’s now mostly known for his role at Magma Venture Partners. Magma has been around for nearly 20 years and is now an established player in Israel.

As a managing partner, Zilka is involved with a handful of startups on the board of directors. He was also involved with Waze, Onavo, Argus and plenty of other Israeli success stories.

Zilka also used to be working for startups before starting his VC career. In particular, he worked for VocalTec Communications in the late 1990s, one of the companies that first worked on voice-over-IP technologies. The company went public in 1996.

These two speakers will have plenty of interesting things to say on June 7 at the TechCrunch Tel Aviv conference. This year, the event will focus on mobility and everything around it, from autonomous vehicles, to sensors, drones and security.

Buy tickets here and see you at the Tel Aviv Convention Center!

Otonomo and Waze founders join the TechCrunch Tel Aviv conference

The TechCrunch Tel Aviv conference is in June and we’re excited to announce our first speakers for the day-long event. Today, we’re delighted to announce that Uri Levine, co-founder of Waze, and Ben Volkow, CEO and co-founder of Otonomo will be speaking on our stage.

TechCrunch Tel Aviv is focused on mobility and all that it entails, from autonomous vehicles, to sensors, drones, and security. It makes perfect sense then to have the godfather of the modern mobility: Uri Levine .

Levine is a passionate serial entrepreneur and disruptor. He co-founded Waze, the world’s largest traffic and navigation app with more than 250 million drivers around the globe. It was acquired by Google in June 2013 for more than $1.1 billion.

After Waze, he co-founded and joined several startups as chairman or board member. Levine focuses mainly on consumer services that all have one thing in common, “creating a lot of value to a lot of users.” For instance, he believes in services that help you save money and time, that empower you — in other words, doing good and doing well.

We’re equally thrilled to welcome one of the new kids on the block, Ben Volkow of Otonomo . Otonomo’s platform powers the first connected car data marketplace. And when it comes to autonomous vehicles, data is the new oil. Otonomo was founded in 2015 by serial entrepreneurs to disrupt the entire connected and autonomous car industry.

The event will be on June 7, 2018, at the Tel Aviv Convention Center. Israel is one of the world’s fastest growing and most impressive startup ecosystems, and we simply can’t resist coming back. Buy tickets here!

Tel Aviv, TechCrunch is coming back, this time with a conference

 The third time is a charm, Tel Aviv. After holding a Meetup + Pitch-off the last two years in Israel, TechCrunch is returning on 7 June 2018 for a day-long conference. As much fun as networking on a roof facing the Mediterranean Sea is, we’re ready to dig deeper into the tech that is coming out of Israel, focusing on mobility. The mobility industry is ripe for disruption. It is gaining… Read More