Decentralizing IoT networks through blockchain

brokenchain Imagine a washer that autonomously contacts suppliers and places orders when it’s low on detergent, performs self-service and maintenance, and schedules its cycles to take advantage of electricity prices; a connected car, smart enough to find and choose the best deal for parts and services; a manufacturing plant where the machinery knows when to order repairs for some of its parts… Read More

Pinterest is soon launching a way to search for products with your smartphone camera

IMG_1338 Pinterest today has a new tool for finding things that you might want to buy — and they’ll be things you see in the real world. Here’s how it will work: go to Pinterest search and tap the visual search button, point your camera at anything you’re interested in, and it’ll automatically do a visual search for everything you see. Pinterest will populate the photo with… Read More

Bose wants your kids to build their own Bluetooth speakers

BOSEBuild The folks at Bose are putting a DIY spin on the sometimes staid world for Bluetooth speakers, with a kit designed to show little ones the big wonders of electronics. The Speaker Cube is the first entry in the company’s new BOSEbuild line, featuring all the pieces and step-by-step instructions for building a Bluetooth speaker. The Cube also features a number of customizable elements… Read More

Happy Atoms launches to teach kids about the wonders of molecules

500x620_gif_new-model While I absolutely despise most STEM toys I’m going to give Happy Atoms a pass simply because it is aimed at educators and not for the home market. Created by chemistry set maker Thames & Kosmos along with Pittsburgh-based Schell Games, Happy Atoms teaches kids about building molecules using magnetic atoms that connect in “happy” ways. The entire kit comes with… Read More

Hands On with Even, $99 earphones customized to the way you hear

FullSizeRender (10) Dr. Dre may make some of the most popular headphones on the planet but Beats are likely tuned to the way Dre likes to listen to the music – with heavy bass. You are not Dre and your ears and my ears and everyone else’s ears hear a slightly different way. Even your left and right ear have a distinct way of listening to different types of sounds. Even is a new set of earphones… Read More

Devialet announces a golden speaker for the discerning music lover

Gold Phantom - Background Rose Gold From fancy chocolates to jet airplanes to teeth, gold makes things better. Devialet took this to heart when they introduced their 4500 Watt Gold Phantom, a powerful speaker with gold-plated side panels and audio quality that, in the right environment, is out of this world. Devialet, as you recall is a French speaker company that has 80 patents in the realm of music reproduction. Their… Read More

Doppler Labs intros Here One, with improved live audio tuning and music streaming

Here One Hero3 The folks at Doppler Labs have come a long way in a few short years. The company, led by Noah Kraft and Fritz Lanman, first launched with a fully mechanical ear plug for concerts. Last year, they launched the Here Active Listening System, which put a tiny micro-computer in their users’ ears, letting them control which frequencies they want to hear. Today, however, all those steps… Read More