A tale of two Amazon deliveries

amazon-drone-vs-hell A jovial middle aged man pokes the order button on a touchscreen from the comfort of his armchair. Minutes later he’s ambling through the bucolic Cambridgeshire countryside at the bottom of his garden to pluck a parcel from the ground. It’s his Amazon delivery materializing like manna from heaven… Read More

Amazon’s AWS opens its first UK region in London

aws logo Last year, Amazon’s AWS cloud computing service announced that it would launch a data center in the UK by the end of 2016. It’s now the end of 2016 and, true to its word, AWS has now launched its “Europe (London)” region to supplement its existing European regions in Ireland and Frankfurt which opened in 2007 and 2014. In total, AWS now offers its uses a choice between… Read More

Israeli VC Pitango launches its 7th early stage fund of $175M

pitango_partners_logo Pitango Venture Capital one of the most active VCs in the Israeli startup scene, has announced its seventh fund, Pitango Venture Capital 7. The fund will have $175 million under management, and invest from Seed upwards. The new fund focuses on IT and Life Science investments, specializing in Enterprise Infrastructure, IoT, Artificial Intelligence and Digital Health. The new fund joins… Read More

Revue makes email newsletters personal again

revue A few months ago I decided I wanted to start an email newsletter where I’d share links to everything I’ve written each week, reports from events I’d attended or had spoken at, and other commentary and thoughts. However, when I researched the current state of email newsletter tools I found that most were expensive, heavily focussed on marketing, or just feature-poor. Instead,… Read More

Improbable teams with Google, opens SpatialOS alpha for virtual world development

screen-shot-2016-12-13-at-13-37-53 Improbable, the London startup backed by Andreessen Horowitz that has been developing a platform for third parties to build virtual and simulated worlds, is today launching the alpha of its first product, SpatialOS. And with it, Improbable is also announcing a strategic partnership with Google, the first part of which will see Google providing its Google Cloud Platform as the backend… Read More

Signal Media raises £5.8M to help companies monitor and sift through the news

realtimegraphic There are a plethora of companies in the ‘media monitoring’ space, such as Cision, Factiva and Meltwater, but London-based Signal Media reckons that it can give them all a run for their money. By employing AI, the company claims to be able to offer more certainty that a news source can be trusted and that a story is relevant, thus helping to reduce the impact of rumour and false… Read More

TrademarkVision uses machine learning to make finding logos as easy as a reverse image search

tmv_mockup A company’s logo is an important part of its identity, but the processes behind defining, registering, and protecting these trademarks is a convoluted and rather archaic one. A startup called TrademarkVision aims to simplify with what amounts to a machine-learning-powered reverse image search. This isn’t in some lab, either: the EU just switched their whole image trademark system… Read More