Yieldify raises another $6M, appoints adtech vet John Giuliani as chairman

 As the web becomes an ever more crowded landscape of things battling for your attention, we’re seeing an increase in marketing spend from companies to help capture it, and that in turn is leading to a rising tide for marketing technology startups building solutions to do just that. Today, Yieldify, a London-based company that builds tools tools to increase conversions on sites and… Read More

InVision picks up TrackDuck to better integrate with Atlassian products

InVision is acquiring the TrackDuck startup to further connect and enable the digital product development process from design to delivery. This is InVision’s 7th acquisition in the last 16 months. Terms were undisclosed. TrackDuck was well-placed for an exit, already having a number of popular integrations with the Atlassian Suite. It’s only main competitor is UserSnap.… Read More

Meet Relive, a startup that uses data to turn your outdoor activities into 3D animated videos

 Relive, a Dutch startup that has been flying a little under the tech media radar until now, might just be onto something. Inspired by the experience of its founders during a cycling trip whilst on holiday in Tenerife early last year, the company turns activity data, such as that garnered from devices made by Strava or Garmin, and combines this with photos you’ve taken to create 3D… Read More

BlaBlaCar unveils BlaBlaLines, a new app for daily commutes

 French startup BlaBlaCar is launching a brand new app and service today. Named BlaBlaLines, this new app is all about short distance carpooling and daily commutes so that you can leave your car at home. BlaBlaCar is going to launch this new service progressively. The app will only be available on Android at first, and it’ll only work between a handful of French cities — between… Read More

Middle East startups are growing fast, and that’s even before the flying taxis arrive

 The flight from Tehran to Dubai is about two hours, similar to the flight from New York to Chicago. The flight from Cairo to Beirut is one hour and 15 minutes. In more peaceful times, the drive from Beirut to Damascus in Syria would take you less than two hours. The interconnectedness of the Middle East / North Africa (MENA) region is apparent once you start travelling around —… Read More

Scaleway thinks the future of cloud hosting is ARM-based servers

 Iliad’s cloud hosting division Scaleway is launching a new type of server today. In just a minute, you can launch your server with its own dedicated ARMv8 processor, 2GB of RAM, 50GB of SSD storage and unlimited bandwidth. And it only costs around $3.25 per month (€2.99). If you’re not familiar with processor atchitecture, your computer and your smartphone use two different chipsets. Read More

Snapay aims at the unbanked with an app which replaces cash

 There are two billion unbanked people in the world today. Unfortunately the banking industry isn’t very interested in these people, so they are forced to use cash. But even though 4.5 billion people have cell phones, including many of the unbanked, the distribution of access to cash via a mobile is at 1%, more or less. As you can see, there’s a problem to be solved here.… Read More