Aircall raised $8 million for its cloud phone system for teams

aircall 3 In case you missed it, Aircall announced last week that it had raised another $8 million dollars in funding for its call center software-as-a-service. New York-based VC firm FJLabs as well as existing investors put money into this Series A round. I’m a bit late to the news because last week was TechCrunch Disrupt SF. It’s worth mentioning that because Aircall also participated in… Read More

Riot wants to be like Slack, but with the flexibility of an underlying open source platform

riot In the ‘old days’ there were plenty of messaging apps and aggregators, but they survived in an open source world. Today, business models dictate that platforms like Slack must keep their messages to themselves. It would be nice if open-source alternatives could bring back the days of flexibility, combined with today’s world of excellent user experience. What if Slack were… Read More

Here’s your chance to get into TechCrunch’s AI Pavilion at Disrupt London for free

AI Pavilion TechCrunch Disrupt London According to one estimate, there are roughly 900 tech companies working in the AI field, covering everything from business intelligence to finance and security. The AI gold rush started in 2014 with a flurry of deals into AI companies. Last year there were some 300 deals into AI companies according to CB Insights and in the UK alone, companies like Ravelin, Signal and Gluru raised seed rounds.… Read More

Here’s your shot at free exhibit space at TechCrunch’s Healthtech Pavilion at Disrupt London

HealthTech Disrupt London While Europe’s technology ecosystem is growing, there’s sometimes a view that it lags behind the U.S. for HealthTech or Health 2.0, or whatever you want to call it. But that’s basically bullshit. While Europe has been a slow starter, it’s catching up very fast. There are many new EU-based health-tech companies, and a brief analysis of CrunchBase shows that while the U.K. Read More