Hadean secures $2.6m to put a supercomputer into your laptop

 In order to run complex algorithms on data at any scale you normally need a lot of engineering resources and management. Like, a LOT. Over 50% of the total amount of money spent on processing that oft-remarked thing called Big Data is spent on engineering and developer operations. It’s a big problem to solve, and basically a sitting duck for a startup to attack. The problem is, it’s… Read More

Cohort is a new take on getting value from your professional network

 Human collaboration has been around… a while. But it’s only in the last 10 years that we’ve started begin to work out how to get network effects from it. Platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn arose to tackle that, and it would be fair to assume that this “ship” has sailed. Of course, it doesn’t stop others from trying their hand at making networking better… Read More

Open Source database developer MariaDB picks up $27M from the EIB

 As open source database architecture continues to grow in popularity, one of the bigger developers in the area has picked up some funding in an attempt to better target the opportunity. MariaDB Corporation, the company that develops solutions and contributes to the open-source SQL fork managed by the MariaDB Foundation, today announced that it has raised €25 million ($27 million) from… Read More

Cybersecurity expert Richard Clarke talks about the “sentinel personalities” who will save us all

 Richard Clarke has been watching the world for decades. The cybersecurity czar for the Bush and Clinton administrations, Clarke has been thinking and writing about threats – real-world and cyber – for years, culminating in his latest book, Warnings, a forthcoming title co-written with R.P. Eddy. Warnings looks at seven past Cassandras – people with so-called… Read More