Hull aggregates customer data from all your marketing services

p-rn-n6miag-john-towner Chances are you’re generating a lot of data about your customers, but it’s a mess to get a good overview of their profiles. Hull wants to be the central hub for all your customer data so that you can better target them. The startup just raised $2.6 million from Alven Capital and Point Nine Capital, with Newfund Capital, Solomon Hykes, Thibaud Elziere, Matthieu Vaxelaire and… Read More

‘Welcome to the Jungle’ wants to create a media company about recruitment

welcome-to-the-jungle Welcome to the Jungle isn’t yet another recruitment company that is going to automagically find the perfect engineer for your startup. It’s a media company that wants to make recruitment sexy again. The company just raised $2.1 million from various business angels (€2 million) and is about to launch different verticals for different competitive industries. Welcome to the Jungle… Read More

Doctolib raises another $28 million for its booking platform for doctors

medical-563427 Being able to book a restaurant table online or on your phone is pretty nice, but what about your next doctor appointment? While it doesn’t sound as sexy, I’d rather call a restaurant than a doctor’s office. That’s why French startup Doctolib is trying to make it easier to book appointments. The company just raised another $28 million (€26 million). French public… Read More

SentinelOne raises a $70M C round to tackle multiple-vector cyber attacks

deadlycyber As workforces becomes increasingly mobile with laptops, smartphones and other handheld devices, the potential for vulnerability increases massively. The sophistication of cyber threats and targeted attacks is constantly evolving. SentinelOne is a cyber security player that has concentrated on this new, multiple-vector, attack method, among others. Today it announced a $70 million… Read More

Cuvva launching pay-as-you-go car insurance aimed at infrequent drivers

login-in-use Cuvva, the Scottish startup that reckons it’s spotted a gap in the market by offering hourly car insurance sold through a mobile app, is set to launch a novel and potentially disruptive new type of car insurance designed for infrequent drivers. It’s well known that many people who own a car drive it less and less these days, especially those who live in a city, and yet conventional… Read More

Vestiaire Collective raises $62 million for its pre-owned fashion marketplace

Sébastien Fabre, founder and CEO of Vestiaire Collective Vestiaire Collective is slowly but surely turning into a giant e-commerce platform for clothes and fashion accessories. Think about it as a sort of eBay for fashion items, but with a premium positioning. The French startup just raised $62 million (€58 million). Vitruvian Partners is leading the round with existing investors Eurazeo and Idinvest also participating in the round. Overall,… Read More

Spendesk grabs $2.2 million for its next-gen corporate cards

spendesk_plastic_card French startup Spendesk might be just a few months old, but the company is currently firing on all cylinders. Spendesk just raised $2.2 million (€2 million), rebranded itself, and is about to launch mobile apps and corporate plastic cards for everyone. The company started out as an eFounders startup, but it is now ready to fly on its own and work without the eFounders team. Investors in… Read More

Secret Double Octopus nabs $6M for a stronger, easier alternative to regular 2FA

8093376393_713fb93477_k Israel is home to around 450 active startups in the field of cybersecurity, according to a recent report in Reuters. Now, the one with perhaps the most distinctive name of them all is announcing some funding for a novel approach to authentication. Secret Double Octopus — which borrows a concept from the world of nuclear launch codes to build extra-secure, but simple, keyless… Read More