Announcing the custom contests for the TC Hackathon at Disrupt SF

Congratulations to all the motivated hackers, coders, devs and designers who took action and secured their spot in the TechCrunch Hackathon at Disrupt San Francisco 2019 on October 2-4. We limited participation to 800 people, and we’re thrilled that the event is completely full.

We can’t wait to see what 800 of the world’s best code warriors create over the course of roughly 24 high-pressure hours. And we’re pretty sure you can’t wait to hear more about our hackathon sponsors and the real-world challenges they’ve created to test your mettle. This is the post you’ve been waiting for.

Each sponsor offers prizes for the team that creates the best solution for the specific challenge — prizes can include cash, and they vary depending on the sponsor. Oh, but wait there is more. On top of the sponsor prizes, TechCrunch will select one team’s project as the best overall hack and award them $10,000 prize. Want more details? Check out the Hackathon website.

Alright, the time has come. Here are the sponsors, contests and prizes for the TechCrunch Hackathon at Disrupt SF 2019. Let the games begin!


Create a prototype for Humana and win one of three cash prizes. First place: $10,000; second place: $5,000 and third place: $2,500. Examples of a prototype include a mobile app, a website, animations, video, etc. Here are the prototype guidelines.

  • The prototype should either demonstrate what a customer would experience visually/in audio or be a technical prototype with basic UX to understand the concept
  • Teams are encouraged to showcase a demo with a use case that brings the solution to life, simulating movement/animation of the user experience.


We want to see Kinship data used in ways that has never been thought of or explored and applied in a manner that translates into real and positive change for pets. Create a solution that improves the lives of pets or pet parents using at least one Kinship data source and win one of three prizes.

  • First prize: $10,000 between the team and a Whistle GO Explore pet tracker for up to five team members
  • Second prize: $5,000 between the team and a Wisdom Panel Health canine test for up to five team members
  • Third prize: $2,000 between the team


Mapping all the stars in the Milky Way Galaxy? InterSystems is there. Providing interoperability for over a billion medical records around the globe? InterSystems has that covered. Processing over a billion transactions a day for a global investment bank? InterSystems is quietly at work in the background. Whether it’s healthcare, business, or government, digital transformation has changed consumers’ expectations about how their data is accessed and managed. Speed, scale, transactional processing, cloud deployment, and high availability, are all cornerstones of what users expect out of their applications. InterSystems challenges you to explore and build your own business solutions using our IRIS Data Platform tools to solve for healthcare, business, or consumer-facing problems. InterSystems will offer a $4,000 prize for the best use of our IRIS for Health platform to solve for healthcare challenges and $4,000 for best use of IRIS Data Platform to solve for business or consumer application challenges. Use of our extensive libraries that enable connectivity both within and between hospital systems is not required for healthcare solution proposals.

But wait…in the coming days we’ll have even more juicy details about contests and prizes sponsored by Plaid and United Airlines!

Disrupt SF 2019 takes place on October 2-4, and we just can’t wait to see what the brilliant minds at the TechCrunch Hackathon will produce under pressure.

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Hack with these APIs at the Disrupt SF 2019 Hackathon

If you’re one of the 800 code poets lucky enough to score a seat for the TechCrunch Hackathon at Disrupt San Francisco 2019 on October 2-4, congratulations! The event is completely full, so if you missed out, try your luck next time.

The TC Disrupt SF Hackathon is a week away, and we bet you can’t wait to learn about what APIs you’ll be able to build on, correct? Without further ado, check out the APIs you’ll use to breathe life into your creation.

Filestack is the number-one file handling service for developers. Upload files into your app with 100x more reliability. Take those uploads and transform images at any URL by adding a few parameters and automatically generating a fully transformed image. Filestack provides responsive, reliable and secure delivery so that your files are delivered with unparalleled speed and control. Simplify content tasks using Filestack Workflows, an easy-to-manage UI that lets you automate commands into a single API call. Add intelligence to your workflow so your content is tagged, SFW and virus free before it ever hits your app. We’ve coded in the logic so that you don’t have to. Implement all of this with just a few lines of code.

Snap: Snap Kit is a collection of developer tools that help third parties build integrations with Snapchat. This collection developer libraries and APIs lets you build exciting new features for your app that Snapchatters love. Share to Snapchat’s camera, bring a user’s Bitmoji into your app, log in with Snapchat, and more!

Intersystems: InterSystems IRIS™ is a data platform for rapidly developing and deploying applications. It includes a massively scalable multi-model database, and automated mechanisms for deployment, in a reliable, unified platform spanning data management, interoperability, transaction processing, and analytics. We are providing our FHIR server and sample patient data so that you can build a healthcare solution using a simple REST interface. InterSystems IRIS supports relational and non-relational models and can be deployed through a variety of programing languages and available for on-premises, private or public cloud-based and hybrid deployments.


Kinship will provide data around pet nutrition, location, activity, health and genetic health, breed info and more.

Humana: Teams may use approaches, tools and emerging technologies such as:

  • Sketch, InDesign, Balsamiq, Azure, Adobe XD, etc.
  • Web experiences, tablets or smartphone apps
  • Alexa, Google Home, Siri, etc.
  • Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning
  • Natural Language Processing

Plaid will open up their libraries for use.

Plus we’ll have API information from United Airlines in the coming days.

The TechCrunch Hackathon takes place on October 2-4 at Disrupt SF 2019. Get ready to make your mark and revel in some high-pressure, exhilarating competition. We can’t wait to see what you create, and which team will take home the TechCrunch $10,000 grand prize for the best over-all hack.

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Apply to TC Hackathon at Disrupt SF 2019 before the spots disappear

Calling all code whisperers, rock-star programmers and code poets. If you want to compete in the TechCrunch Hackathon at Disrupt San Francisco 2019 on October 2-4, do not wait. We’re limiting the hackathon to only 800 participants, and half of those spots are already gone, baby, gone. Don’t miss your chance for glory, cash and prizes. Apply for the hackathon today.

An important reminder: Applying to, and participating in, the hackathon is free. Plus, all competitors receive Expo Only passes for days one and two and an Innovator pass for day three of Disrupt SF.

This hackathon will challenge you both mentally and physically. Teams consisting of 4-6 people will choose one of several sponsored hack challenges and use sponsored APIs, data sets and other tools to design and build a creative solution to a real-world problem — in roughly 24 hours. Don’t have a team? No problem, we’ll help you find one when you arrive.

It’s an all-out push to the finish, and we’ll fuel your ambition with free food, beer and plenty of coffee and Red Bull.

When the clock runs out, judges from both the sponsors and TechCrunch will review each project, science-fair style. Ten finalists will be selected to present a 60-second demo the next day on the Extra Crunch stage at Disrupt SF.

Individual sponsors award a variety of prizes, including cash, to the team with the project that best addresses the specific challenge. But hold on now, there’s one more jewel in the hackathon crown. TechCrunch editors will select one team as the best overall hack and award a grand prize of $10,000.

We’ll have more information about this year’s sponsors — and the specific challenges and prizes they offer — in the coming weeks. But if you want an idea of what you might encounter, review the sponsored contests, prizes and winners from Disrupt SF 2018. Want more details? Learn more about what to expect at the hackathon.

The TechCrunch Hackathon goes down at Disrupt San Francisco 2019 on October 2-4, and your savvy competitors have already snapped up half of the available spots. If you want to pit your skills against the best coders and designers in the world, sign up for the hackathon now. We can’t wait to see the amazing projects you create in San Francisco!

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