Cybersecurity is threatening America’s military supremacy

cyber terrorism concept computer bomb isolated on white, 3d illustration The sparsely populated Spratly Islands are quickly becoming the center of one of the most contentious international disputes between world powers since the fall of the Soviet Union. Alarmingly, the use of cyber attacks suggests we might already be in the midst of a new Cold War playing out in cyberspace — where America’s advantage is not as clear as it is with conventional armies… Read More

Analyzing China’s mobile advertising technology market

china For those of us in the mobile advertising technology business, China is one of the most exciting markets in the world in 2016. To say that the mobile ad economy in China is a few years behind the U.S. and Europe is both true and an oversimplification. When you spend time on the ground in China, as I just did a few weeks ago, meeting with over 20 mobile publishers, including titans like… Read More

Email or IM? Rush’s app combines them both — with productivity tools thrown in too

screen-shot-2016-09-12-at-7-23-09-pm Email? IM? IM? Email? The rise of mobile messaging apps has challenged email as the primary communications channel for all things, including work — what happens when you blend them together? That’s the approach taken by Rush, an app that combines email and messaging, but also includes your calendar and other productivity tools. Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, but with offices… Read More

Lost in translation: Streaming in China

Man Using a Digital Tablet The rapid growth of streaming is taking the globe by storm, but no country seems to have the market potential for OTT video streaming quite like China. While the United States OTT market is beginning to show signs of saturation, it is not a surprise that more than 720 million Chinese internet users seem like the next big opportunity. The reality, however, is less than perfect. Read More

Can foreign tech companies win in China?

shutterstock china flags As China’s digital business grows, it’s going to provide more opportunities for many players. Who “gets it” and who doesn’t will certainly not only be a function of “being blocked or not,” but equally (or even more importantly) those who have the right mindset and approach to the China context. Read More

China shows off the rover it plans to send to Mars in 2020

_90895007_9412ecc3-470f-4f99-bb3a-ef4ef424f7ff China’s got some lofty space plans lined up for the next couple of decades, culminating with a manned moon landing by 2036. Meantime, the country is looking even further out, geographically speaking, toward the red planet, detailing a mission to send a rover to Mars at around July or August 2020. This week, China revealed some key computer generated images from the ambitious mission… Read More