Apple pulls NYT apps from China’s App Store to comply with “local regulations”

apple-china For Chinese citizens, there’s now one less loophole in the country’s comprehensive censorship of Western media outlets. According to the The New York Times, on December 23, Apple removed the Chinese versions of the newspaper’s apps as well as their English counterparts in an act of compliance with the Chinese government. In an explanation to the Times, Apple noted that… Read More

No cobalt, no Tesla?

Photo: Getty Images/SOPHIE-CARON/iStock The battery industry uses 42 percent of global cobalt production, critical for Lithium-ion cells. Much of the world’s supply of cobalt comes out of Africa. Chinese players recently bought controlling stakes in one of Africa’s largest known cobalt sources. Tesla has stated that the cobalt it needs will be sourced in North America, but the math doesn’t add up. Is Tesla doomed? Read More

NFL games are now live streaming on China’s Sina Weibo network

2016 AP YEAR END PHOTOS - Carolina Panthers' Jonathan Stewart (28) scores a touchdown during the first half of the NFL Super Bowl 50 football game on Feb. 7, 2016, in Santa Clara, Calif. (AP Photo/Jeff Chiu) The NFL is hoping to expand its presence in China with a new deal that gives social media platform, Sina Weibo – often called China’s Twitter –  the rights to live stream select games on its network, including the Super Bowl. The deal marks the first time a sports league will live stream games on the service, the NFL says. Additionally, Sina will gain the rights to… Read More

So Here’s What I’ve Been Thinking…

I was interviewed at the Stanford Business School and in listening to the podcast, I realize I repeated some of my usual soundbites but embedded in the conversation were a few things I’ve never shared before about service.

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Steve Blank on Silicon Valley, AI and the Future of Innovation

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