EVEN Electric will sell only EVs, but not in the US

Fiat 500e EVEN Electric may be based in Ottawa, Ontario, but it has its sights set on selling electric vehicles from multiple brands worldwide. The sales and distribution network — not a dealership — will have new and pre-owned EVs available via centralized processing centers in several countries. Buyers order their car online, and it will be shipped from the nearest processing center to a… Read More

Tesla’s new Model S P100D adds range and cranks Ludicrous Mode up a notch

tesla_p100d Tesla has a new, larger battery option for the Model S and Model X line of electric vehicles, which includes an improved Ludicrous Mode that boasts a 2.5 second 0-60 mph time on the Model S, which is 0.1 second faster than the Model S’s previous max, and only 0.2 seconds off one of the fastest accelerating production cars available. The 100kWh battery option isn’t just for speed,… Read More

Tesla stock surges as Elon Musk teases ‘product announcement’

Elon Musk Elon Musk is going to unveil some Tesla product news at noon PT (3 PM ET) today, and the market is liking the potential, despite the CEO not providing any details. Share price for Tesla is up over 2 percent on the NASDAQ as of this writing, in anticipating of whatever Tesla is preparing to unveil. Tesla product announcement at noon California time today — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) August… Read More

Mobileye and Delphi aim to bring self-driving cars to market as early as 2019

delphi-amod-0340 Mobileye, a key supplier of components like image processing  and computer vision systems for automakers, announced a partnership with self-driving software and hardware provider Delphi today to be able to bring Level 4 and 5 automation ready for market to car makers by 2019. The two companies are coming together with the intend of giving OEMs an end-to-end solution they can use to bring… Read More

This could be Faraday Future’s answer to the Tesla Model X

faraday-spy-shot Faraday Future is driving a camouflaged version of a real upcoming production EV in LA, according to Electrek. The site reports that a candid shot of a covered-up SUV is actually a test vehicle from the Californian would-be Tesla competitor backed by Chinese consumer gadget company LeEco. The vehicle looks like a crossover-style SUV, similar to a Tesla Model X, and this is in line with… Read More

The case of alpha business models and beta technology

Car glass blue Allstate is on a mission to vertically develop its telematics expertise and find new sources of revenue across different sectors by launching a new standalone unit called Arity (dedicated to data collection and analytics). It’s no surprise that Allstate’s own brands, such as Esurance and Answer Financial, are clients. It’s a start on the path to the unknown. Read More

Sony’s new $500 in-dash receiver looks like the best value for Android Auto and CarPlay

sony xav-ax100 Sony’s XAV-AX100 in-dash car stereo system might be the best way to get your hands on Android Auto or CarPlay without plonking down a fortune for a new car. The new receivers will retail for $499.99 when it hits stores in late November, and boasts a 6.4-inch, 800 x 480 touch screen, along with NFC support, Bluetooth, aux input and a dedicated hardware button for triggering voice input.… Read More

The new, scary face of auto insurance

on board a car / driving nights in a city Self-driving cars may never reach accessible autonomy and might only be an add-on feature. It is very likely that the driver will still be liable for the actions of their vehicles. This means that drivers will still need auto insurance. Driving technology may never replace drivers, but it could help us become less injury prone. Read More

Hudly wants to bring your favorite apps to the car with an aftermarket HUD

3e5896a50f4170998c8b5b6a3c471d83_original In-vehicle infotainment systems on newer cars increasingly offer access to your favorite media and navigation apps, thanks to systems like CarPlay and Android Auto, but older cars from even just a few years ago can still feel stuck in a connected tech first gear. Hudly, which debuted on Kickstarter today, wants to change that with an easy to install aftermarket heads-up display (HUD) add-on… Read More